Band Confirmation (2024)

2024 Band Confirmation Form

This form is for bands that have applied and been officially invited to the festival. It lets us know you are definitely coming.

Acceptance emails are sent out to band contacts via email. We send out acceptance and regret emails in batches so all bands that applied will eventually receive a notification. Please do not fill this form out unless you have received an official invitation from us. If you have any questions about invitations, please email .

A little later this summer we will ask bands that have said they are coming to fill out a separate band logistics form. The band logistics form will give us the information we need to feed, house, promote, etc. your band.

Please be on the lookout for the request to fill out the band logistics form which will be sent to the band contact’s email you are providing below.

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Band Contact Information

Band Contact Person*
This is the person who will serve as the contact for your band for all things HONK! 2024 related.
Contact Person Email*
This is the address we will use to communicate with you about this year's festival. Please be sure to provide the email address of the person that will handle HONK! 2024 questions/logistics for the band.
Our band will definitely attend the HONK! 2024 Festival:*