2010 Band Survey

For this, our fifth year, we would like to better feature the diversity and activism of our participating bands. Of course, our diversity is not only in the music and spectacle we make, but also in how we conceive the formation and progress of our band as a social act, and how we want our performances to be in solidarity with and inspire our local neighborhoods and communities.

As you know, the Honk! Festival is not just a music festival, not just a brass band festival, but rather, a celebration of all the many ways street bands can make a real, lasting difference in the world. For most bands, that means playing for free in the street, for a parade or protest, a worthy cause or a community event. And it usually means doing all these things according to some basic principles of musicianship and democratic participation. We want to feature and promote what those principles are, how each band arrives at their present look and sound, why they choose the gigs and songs they choose, and where they most often roam and play.

We have a number of ways in which we hope to foreground your commitment to community and activism this year, and Honk!’s commitment to grassroots organizing in greater Somerville.

We’ve created the following survey for you to respond and share your ideas.

Download a copy here:
Honk Band Survey August 2010 (word doc)
Honk Band Survey August 2010 (pdf)

Please take a look now and share! There are just six questions and the survey will remain open through September 6th, so you can return to questions you don’t have answers to right now. Surveys can also be emailed to

Hope to hear from you soon!


Your friendly neighborhood Honk! committee
John Bell, David Blank-Edelman, Trudi Cohen, Shaunalynn Duffy, Ken Field, Bob Follansbee, Reebee Garofalo, Rob Gregory, Harris Gruman, Susie Husted, Kevin Leppmann, Maury Martin, Dave Morgan, Michael Romanyshyn, Michael Rome, Lydia Stein & Rand Wilson