Parade Information

Dear Parade Participants,

We wanted to follow up our last message to you with a few more important items:

1. We still need volunteers to serve as parade marshals on foot (an essential task), and as banner carriers. Please email if you can help us by being a marshal or banner carrier.

2. The Honk Parade to Reclaim the Streets for Horns, Bikes and Feet is a non-commercial community spectacle whose theme this year is “Share”. We see it as an expression of our thoughts and desires about larger issues of our current moment in 2011 U.S.A., an opportunity to think and act outside of the consumer culture which constantly engulfs us. We do not consider it an advertising or sales opportunity, and ask that you please not use this processional theater event as an occasion to push product; instead, please use it as an opportunity to articulate your ideas about what our collective future might be. Please let us know if you might have questions about this…

3. We wanted to remind you that the parade stops at Winthrop Park in Harvard Square, not at the reviewing stand a block before. PLEASE PARADE WITHOUT STOPPING all the way to Winthrop Park, and DO NOT STOP OR SLOW DOWN in front of the reviewing stand. If you stop in front of the reviewing stand, spaces open up in the parade route which are immediately filled by hundreds of spectators, and then we have a big problem opening up the parade route again–please help us out with this; we want to help keep the parade moving, and finish it in good time.

Thank you very much for your attention, your generosity, and your good spirits in making the Honk Parade a great community performance event!


John Bell
Ellen Arnstein