2017 Elm Street Interactive Area

Elm Street Interactive Area

For the first time, HONK! will host an interactive area combining art making and activism. We invite you to participate; share your vision for a better world by making imaginative sculpture or a silk-screened flag, a shield or protest poem. Support a cause or protest an issue — march with your own activist art in the Sunday HONK! Parade as part of our pop-up parade group.

Julia Roth's resist banner

Julia Roth’s resist banner

Participating Artists

  • League of Just Us: what bugs you? Climate change? Economic inequity? Racism? Sexism? Mass deportation? Create a silkscreened sign or badge to shout it out. On Sunday, bring your message to our pop-up parade group and march!
  • Street artist Julia Roth: add your voice to the resistance! Add a shape or slogan with spray paint and stencils to create a dynamic parade banner.
  • Parts and Crafts: Somerville needs more affordable housing — build something! Make a tiny house from cardboard, duct tape and paint — carry it in the parade! Learn how we can make Somerville more affordable for everyone to live in!
  • Space Park at HONK!: explore sustainable housing of the future, on Mars or Saturn. What kind of technology will we need? How will we grow food? Invent something new!
  • Bread and Puppet Theater: experience the poetry of Palestinian writer Mahmoud Darwish reimagined in a series of large painted banners. Catch a cantastoria — a short story told using song and pictures.
  • Jerry Beck and The Revolving Museum: stop by the fantastical Poetry Protest Sign Art Mobile. Recycle neighborhood trash into sculpture or embellish a shield with a slogan and join the Revolving Museum for Sunday’s Parade!

Jerry Beck with his art truck

Jerry Beck with his art truck