Pictures and Videos: Honk Bands in Action

Hungry March Band – Band That Ate The World by tarafireball [5:50]
Hungry March Band – Coney Island 2006 by toms31 [2:36]
Atlanta Sedition Orchestra by artemisthedrummer [2:48]
Extra-Action Marching Band in Pisa, Italy byfabriziomed [3:14]
Next Generation Brass Band in New Orleans [2:57]
Leftist Marchng Band lead Kennebunkport Peace Rally by [3:09]
What Cheer? Brigade live at the Decatur by paulmccarthy123 [3:05]
What Cheer? Brigade – Birthday Party, AS220, 2007 [2:26]
MarchFourth Marching Band and Troupe by Dogman Dave [6:30]
Running Amok with MarchFourth Marching Band by futuretensesmith [4:39]
MarchFourth Marching Band in Hamburg, Germany by spirit cookie [2:54]
Environmental Encroachment – Dolphin Show [8:23]
Halloween in the Mission with Brass Liberation Orchestra by EmmettG [7:10]
Emperor Norton’s Stationary Marching Band by kemonlemon [2:46]
Seed & Feed Marching Abominables by sfmasnare [1:47]
The Carnival Band in Chinese New Year Parade [0:57]
Titubanda live in Roma by rastapastaman [2:32]
Titubanda part 2 live in Roma by rastapastaman [2:41]
Titubanda part 3 live in Roma by rastapastaman [3:52]
The Rude Mechanical Orchestra at NYC Peace March [2:49]