Saturday Schedule by Location (2022)


7 Hills Park

1:00pSecond Line Social Aid & Pleasure Society Brass Band
2:00pSchool of HONK
4:00pExtraordinary Rendition Band
5:00pIdeal Maine Social Aid and Sanctuary Band
6:00pThe Jamaica Plain Honk Band
7:00pBanda Rim Bam Bum

Chester Street

1:00pExtraordinary Rendition Band
2:00pHartford Hot Several
3:00pExpandable Brass Band
4:00pConical Cacophony
5:00pEmperor Norton’s Stationary Marching Band
6:00pMagnificent Danger
7:00pUndertow Brass Band

Davis Square Plaza

1:00pDirty Water Brass Band
2:00pThe Bread & Puppet Circus Band
3:00pYoung Fellaz Brass Band
4:00pUndertow Brass Band
5:00pHartford Hot Several
6:00pRara Bel Poze
7:00pSecond Line Social Aid & Pleasure Society Brass Band

Kenney Park

1:00pIdeal Maine Social Aid and Sanctuary Band
2:00pRara Bel Poze
3:00pThe Jamaica Plain Honk Band
4:00pMagnificent Danger
5:00pExpandable Brass Band
6:00pLa Banda Internacional de Chelsea

Statue Park

1:00pThe Brass Balagan
2:00pLeftist Marching Band
3:00p aNova Brazil
4:00pBanda Rim Bam Bum
5:00pSchool of HONK
6:00pYoung Fellaz Brass Band
7:00pThe Party Band

Elm @ Grove

1:00pThe Party Band
2:00pEmperor Norton’s Stationary Marching Band
3:00pLa Banda Internacional de Chelsea
4:00pDirty Water Brass Band
5:00pThe Brass Balagan
6:00p The Bread & Puppet Circus Band
7:00pLeftist Marching Band

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