Sunday Schedule By Location (2018)

Eliot Triangle

2:00 The Brass Balagan
2:30 Dirty Water Brass Band
3:00 Minor Mishap Marching Band
3:30 Red Flame Hunters
4:00Extraordinary Rendition Band
4:30(4:40) Detroit Party Marching Band
5:00(5:20) The Party Band

Charlies Kitchen

2:00Unlawful Assembly
2:30Band Land Brass Band
3:00Musicians Action Group (MAG)
3:30 The Bread & Puppet Circus Band
4:00 Emperor Norton’s Stationary Marching Band
4:30Rise Up! Action Band
5:00Plezi Rara
5:30 What Cheer? Brigade

Church Street Lot

2:00Environmental Encroachment
2:30Rara Bel Poze
3:00School of HONK
3:30 The Carnival Band
4:00Artesian Rumble Arkestra
4:30 Forward! Marching Band
5:00Second Line Social Aid & Pleasure Society Brass Band
5:30 New Creations Brass Band

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