Sunday in Harvard Square (2018)

Sunday in Harvard Square


Photograph by Benjamin Greenberg

Sunday, October 7, 2018

2-6PM, All-band concert on the main stage and sets around Harvard Square

Each band will have a brief set on the Main Stage of the Harvard Square Oktoberfest on Sunday. Main Stage schedule listed here.

In addition, some bands will also be playing longer sets in 3 locations around Harvard Square during the afternoon:

TimeEliot TriangleCharlies KitchenChurch Street Lot
2:00 The Brass Balagan Unlawful AssemblyEnvironmental Encroachment
2:30 Dirty Water Brass Band Band Land Brass BandRara Bel Poze
3:00 Minor Mishap Marching Band Musicians Action Group (MAG)School of HONK
3:30 Red Flame Hunters The Bread & Puppet Circus Band The Carnival Band
4:00Extraordinary Rendition Band Emperor Norton’s Stationary Marching Band Artesian Rumble Arkestra
4:30(4:40) Detroit Party Marching BandRise Up! Action Band Forward! Marching Band
5:00(5:20) The Party BandPlezi RaraSecond Line Social Aid & Pleasure Society Brass Band
5:30 What Cheer? Brigade New Creations Brass Band

Main Stage Schedule

2:00pSecond Line Social Aid & Pleasure Society Brass Band
2:08pBand Land Brass Band
2:16p Red Flame Hunters
2:24p The Party Band
2:32pRise Up! Action Band
2:40p Extraordinary Rendition Band
2:48p The Bread & Puppet Circus Band
2:56pPlezi Rara
3:04pArtesian Rumble Arkestra
3:12p What Cheer? Brigade
3:20pCambridge Artist Coalition
3:24p Detroit Party Marching Band
3:32pUnlawful Assembly
3:40p Emperor Norton’s Stationary Marching Band
3:48p Forward! Marching Band
3:56pMusicians Action Group (MAG)
4:04p The Brass Balagan
4:12p Leftist Marching Band
4:20pEnvironmental Encroachment
4:28p Dirty Water Brass Band
4:36p New Creations Brass Band
4:44pUnite HERE
4:48p Rude Mechanical Orchestra
5:00pTrombone choir
5:08p Minor Mishap Marching Band
5:16p The Carnival Band
5:24pRara Bel Poze
5:32pUnidos do Swing
5:50pSchool of HONK

All Sunday Locations

Printable Sunday Program