Saturday Schedule by Location (2017)


7 Hills Park

1:00pSecond Line Social Aid & Pleasure Society Brass Band
2:00p The Bread & Puppet Circus Band
3:00p Extraordinary Rendition Band
4:00pChaotic Noise Marching Corps
5:00pSchool of HONK
6:00pPlezi Rara
7:00p What Cheer? Brigade
8:00p Hungry March Band

Chester Street

1:00p Expandable Brass Band
2:00p Leftist Marching Band
3:00p Dirty Water Brass Band
4:00p The Bread & Puppet Circus Band
5:00p New Creations Brass Band
6:00p Caka!ak Thunder
7:00pHartford Hot Several

Davis Square Plaza

1:00p Forward! Marching Band
2:00pRara Bel Poze
3:00p Dead Music Capital Band
5:00p The Brass Balagan
6:00pYes Ma’am Brass Band
7:00p Emperor Norton’s Stationary Marching Band
8:00p The Party Band

VFW Dilboy Hall

1:00pBlack Sheep Ensemble
2:00p Hungry March Band
3:00p Expandable Brass Band
4:00pHartford Hot Several
5:00p Emperor Norton’s Stationary Marching Band
6:00pChaotic Noise Marching Corps
7:00p The Brass Balagan
8:00p Rude Mechanical Orchestra

Kenney Park

1:00p Dirty Water Brass Band
2:00pBrass Liberation Orchestra
3:00pPlezi Rara
4:00pBlack Sheep Ensemble
5:00p Dead Music Capital Band
6:00p Leftist Marching Band
7:00pRara Bel Poze
8:00pThe Filthy FemCorps

Statue Park

1:00pThe Filthy FemCorps
2:00p aNova Brazil
3:00p The Party Band
4:00p Caka!ak Thunder
5:00p Rude Mechanical Orchestra
6:00pDamas de Ferro
7:00pSecond Line Social Aid & Pleasure Society Brass Band
8:00p New Creations Brass Band

Elm @ Grove

1:00pYes Ma’am Brass Band
2:00pSchool of HONK
3:00pDamas de Ferro
4:00p What Cheer? Brigade
5:00p Forward! Marching Band
6:00pBrass Liberation Orchestra
7:00p Extraordinary Rendition Band

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