Sunday in Harvard Square (2023)

Sunday in Harvard Square


Photograph by Benjamin Greenberg

Sunday, October 8, 2023

2-6PM, All-band concert on the main stage and sets around Harvard Square

Each band will have a brief set on the Main Stage of the Harvard Square Oktoberfest on Sunday. Main Stage schedule listed here.

In addition, some bands will also be playing longer sets in 3 locations around Harvard Square during the afternoon:

TimeEliot TriangleCharlies KitchenChurch Street
2:00TMBExtraordinary Rendition BandGora Gora Orkestar
2:30The Bread & Puppet Circus BandSchool of HONKYes Ma'am Brass Band
3:00pRude Mechanical OrchestraThe J.P. HONK BandDirty Water Brass Band
3:30pExpandable Brass BandSeed & Feed Marching AbominableEmperor Norton's Stationary Marching Band
4:00Musicians Action GroupClamor & Lace Noise BrigadeForward! Marching Band
4:30Good Trouble Brass BandThe Brass BalaganYoung Fellaz Brass Band
5:00Brass SolidarityChaotic Noise Marching CorpsUndertow Brass Band
5:30Detroit Party Marching BandThe Party BandEnvironmental Encroachment

Or see this schedule with maps of all of the locations

1:45-3:15PM Social Movement Songwriting Workshop

The HONK! Festival will host a movement songwriting workshop on Sunday October 8th in Winthrop Park. This will be a space in which musicians and activists can get together and spend some time brainstorming ideas for songs that can be part of rallies and protests organized by the many social movements that HONK! and its bands try to support. La Colaborativa’s Arts & Culture Youth Group, along with members of City Life/Vida Urbana and musicians of HONK, will facilitate the space.

Within the workshop, musicians and activists might do things like:

  • Revive some older movement songs that lend themselves to a 21st century brass band treatment
  • Or, experiment with spoken word lyrics over rhythmic, percussive brass band grooves
  • Or it might be something totally new and different that no one has thought of yet
  • Some free-form or choreographed dancing to music
  • Street Theater

This workshop is designed such that folks can come and go, so drop by any time!

Main Stage Schedule

2:00pThe Ultimate Jam Session with Boston Music Project and the Summer Street Brass Band lead by Chris Schroeder
2:08pThe J.P. HONK Band
2:16pLeftist Marching Band
2:24pThe Party Band
2:32pExpandable Brass Band
2:40pUndertow Brass Band
2:48pSeed & Feed Marching Abominable
2:56pForward! Marching Band
3:04pMusicians Action Group
3:12pHONK! ‘Mass’ Nasty Woman Band
3:20pThe Bread & Puppet Circus Band
3:28pSchool of HONK
3:36pGood Trouble Brass Band
3:44pEnvironmental Encroachment
4:00pRara Bel Poze
4:08pDirty Water Brass Band
4:16pBrass Solidarity
4:24pDetroit Party Marching Band
4:32pChaotic Noise Marching Corps
4:40pEmperor Norton's Stationary Marching Band
4:48pYes Ma'am Brass Band
4:56pHONK! Family Band
5:04pRude Mechanical Orchestra
5:12pClamor & Lace Noise Brigade
5:20pExtraordinary Rendition Band
5:28pThe Brass Balagan
5:44pYoung Fellaz Brass Band

HONK! ‘Mass’ Nasty Woman Band! (3:12p Main Stage)

Nasty Woman LogoHere’s some more info!

All Sunday Locations