Saturday Schedule by Location (2023)


7 Hills Park

1:00pGood Trouble Brass Band
2:00pSchool of HONK
3:00pRude Mechanical Orchestra
5:00pDetroit Party Marching Band
6:00p (45m)HONK! Family Band
6:45p (45m)Brass Solidarity
7:30p (45m)Leftist Marching Band
8:15p (45m)Undertow Brass Band

Chester Street

1:00pDirty Water Brass Band
2:00pRara Bel Poze
3:00pThe J.P. HONK Band
4:00pUndertow Brass Band
5:00pClamor & Lace Noise Brigade
6:00p (45m)Musicians Action Group
6:45p (45m)The Brass Balagan
7:30p (45m)L Train Brass Band

Davis Square Plaza

1:00pHONK! Family Band
2:00pGora Gora Orkestar
3:00pL Train Brass Band
4:00pLeftist Marching Band
6:00p (45m)Dirty Water Brass Band
6:45p (45m)Expandable Brass Band
7:30p (45m)The Party Band
8:15p (45m)Emperor Norton's Stationary Marching Band

Kenney Park

1:00pExpandable Brass Band
2:00pClamor & Lace Noise Brigade
3:00pYes Ma'am Brass Band
4:00pEnvironmental Encroachment
5:00pRara Bel Poze
6:00p (45m)Extraordinary Rendition Band
6:45p (45m)Bread & Puppet Circus Band
7:30p (45m)School of HONK
8:15p (45m)Chaotic Noise Marching Corps

Statue Park

1:00pSeed & Feed Marching Abominable
2:00pBrass Solidarity
3:00pMusicians Action Group
4:00paNova Brazil
5:00pChaotic Noise Marching Corps
6:00p (45m)Forward! Marching Band
6:45p (45m)Environmental Encroachment
7:30p (45m)Detroit Party Marching Band
8:15p (45m)Young Fellaz Brass Band

Elm @ Grove

1:00pForward! Marching Band
2:00pThe Brass Balagan
3:00pBread & Puppet Circus Band
4:00pYoung Fellaz Brass Band
5:00pSeed & Feed Marching Abominable
6:00p (45m)The J.P. HONK Band
6:45p (45m)Yes Ma'am Brass Band
7:30p (45m)TMB

Day Street

1:00pEmperor Norton's Stationary Marching Band
2:00pThe Party Band
3:00pExtraordinary Rendition Band
4:00pLocal Band Showcase!
Fly By Brass Band +
Conical Cacophony
5:00pLocal Band Showcase!
Brassterisk +
Ghost Town Brass Band
6:00p (45m)Good Trouble Brass Band
6:45p (45m)Gora Gora Orkestar
7:30p (45m)Rude Mechanical Orchestra

Day St, Somerville, MA

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